Giving kids a head start 
on the future

For parents

Problem-Solving Club

This immersive world of single-player and multi-player challenges supercharge kids’ problem-solving skills

For schools

Power Skills Curriculum

This comprehensive program engages students in complex, team challenges to test and analyze their Power Skills

Power Skills learning


Prepare your K12 students for the AI era with complex, team-based missions

66% of jobs will be Power Skill intensive by 2030

We help students develop the fundamental skills needed to take on anything, no matter what the future holds

The power of Power Skills at school

Test scores increase by 11 percentile points

in schools with strong Power Skills & SEL programs

Behavior problems decrease by 10-15%

in schools with strong 
Power Skills & SEL programs

73% of parents say Power Skills are underemphasized

in their assessment of the current curriculum

An innovative experience to supercharge learning

Teams solve complex problems together

Captivating missions mimic the complexity of real-life

Expert facilitators keep kids on track

Students are guided towards learning objectives

Powerful AI shares progress

Students stay motivated and the parents updated

3 Modes.

Unlimited Potential


Game-based learning

Our most comprehensive Power Skills program of game-based learning missions


Project-based learning

Students take on real-life projects like designing a video game or starting a business


Diagnostic Assessment

Assess your students’ Power Skills and pinpoint areas for growth

Flexible fits








Flexible durations








Professional development

NXTLVL Teachers

Our immersive, six-session program equips teachers with innovative techniques to develop collaborative and creative child-centric classrooms

Developed by EdTech pioneers

Based on research and experience of experts from leading educational institutions


Prof. Kurt Squire

Game-based learning expert

Kurt Squire, UC Irvine professor, is an EdTech visionary who has authored over 100 scholarly works and directed multiple educational software projects. Squire is recognized for his research on the cognitive benefits of computer games for kids.


Mike Beall

Head of Learning-Game

Mike's expertise in learning-game design spans over two decades, during which he has incorporated sound pedagogy, emerging research, and engaging gameplay mechanics to develop impactful learning experiences.


Dr. Vanna Cotzia

Educational & Child Psychology Expert

Vanna, an experienced Educational and Child Psychologist, integrates research, theory and practice to use psychology for positive change. She advocates for every child's right to uninhibited self-discovery through lifelong learning.


Dr. Jennifer Groff

Innovative Education & 
Game-Based Assessment Expert

Jennifer conducted cutting-edge research at MIT for over a decade, designing innovative learning environments, technologies, and assessments, as well as exploring game-based and playful learning.


Shobhana Bhushan, M.Ed.

Learning & Facilitation Lead

Shobhana holds an M.A. and an M.Ed from renowned institutes. Her experience with innovative ed-tech startups complements her expertise in developing engaging, learner-centric products, skillfully merging academic rigor with practical application.


Kids, parents and teachers love NXTLVL

“We know that skills like leadership, creativity, and decision making, are never going out of fashion. In fact, as more of work involves technology, these kinds of skills only become more important. That’s why we’re so excited about what our students are learning with NXTLVL."


Meghan Freeman

CEO, Elite Academy

”Learning is way more fun with NXTLVL! I get to work together with my friends to solve cool challenges. It’s like a superpower training for our brains!”



“NXTLVL uses games to get kids engaged and strategically work together to achieve their goals. The approach was brilliant. Isabella is excited for the next one. She loved having to figure everything out.”



“NXTLVL has transformed my classroom! Watching my students engage, collaborate and tackle challenges with enthusiasm is truly remarkable!”



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