The Power Skills

Power skills are essential for success in the 21st century. They’re not only timeless, but serve as the foundation for all other skills, whether in school, work, or everyday life

Mental models

Growth Mindset



Critical thinking


Self awareness




Focusing on Power Skills with your students can make a remarkable difference in every aspect of your classroom


Behavior problems decrease by 10-15% in schools with strong 
Power Skills & SEL programs

Exam results

Test scores increase by 11 percentile points in schools with strong Power Skills & SEL programs


73% of parents say Power Skills are underemphasized in 
their assessment of the current curriculum

and beyond...

Power Skills prepare kids for a future where 66% of jobs will be Power Skill intensive by 2030

Our methodology

Children do not learn power skills from textbooks; rather, they develop these crucial abilities through practical experience

Complex challenges

Our program simulates the complex environments and novel situations our students experience in their real lives. Each challenge provides a platform to experiment, test assumptions, and adapt strategies


Students embrace their diverse abilities, utilizing individual strengths to solve problems. They learn to communicate, collaborate, and how to lead by alternating between teaching and learning roles

Live coaching

Facilitators use structured yet open-ended questioning to guide students in their learning journey. This approach helps students plan, execute, and evaluate their strategies and thought process

AI Powered

Our AI analyzes student data to better understand their learning progress. It shares motivating highlights with students and parents to inspire them, and helps us develop the efficacy of our program

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The pioneering research and publications behind our methodology

The impact of our methodology

”NXTLVL’s extraordinary mentors guide 
a student-driven, gamified experience through inquisitive questions. Students not only found their voice, but developed the courage to share creative solutions to overcome challenges.”



“The interactive nature of the gaming experiences has allowed our students to apply and reinforce their collaborative abilities, fostering an environment where teamwork is not just a concept but a lived experience.”



“Watching as kids go from hesitant and unsure about their ideas to confidently sharing a hypothesis or suggesting ways to test someone else's hypothesis is so inspiring!”



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